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These are reasons the landlord can evict you. They are referred to as Causes of Action for Eviction:

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Note:  On items marked with * the landlord does not have to give you notice that eviction is being contemplated.

Non-payment of rent*
Disorderly tenant
Willful or grossly negligent damage to premises
Violation of Rules or Regulations
Violation of Lease Covenants
Failure to pay rent increase*
Abating housing or health code violations
(Landlord) Permanently retiring building from residential use
Refusal of reasonable changes in lease terms or conditions
Habitual late payment of Rent
(Landlord) Conversion to Condominium/cooperative
(Landlord) Personal occupancy by owner or purchaser of unit
Occupancy as consideration of employment (Superintendent)
Drug Offenses - Criminal conviction/guilty plea
Assaults/threats - Criminal conviction/guilty plea
Theft of Property - Criminal conviction/guilty plea
Drug Offenses, Assaults/Threats, Theft of Property - by civil standards of proof (without criminal convictions)

More detailed information is available to members of the NJTO.