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Tenant organizing is easy, but you must be willing to talk to other tenants.  When you do, you will learn that they have some of the same problems that you have.  Recognizing a common concern is a basis on which you can unify your fellow tenants.  

After you have spoken to numerous fellow tenants about the problems that tenants are having, find a place to meet. 

Meetings can be held in someone's apartment, in a community center, church, school or local restaurant as long as people can speak freely and not be overheard by the landlord or landlord supporters.

Let tenants know about this meeting.  Call them, email them, or create a flyer to put under their door to let them know the day, time and place of the meeting. 

At the meeting make sure everyone stays focused on the problems with the building, services and landlord.  Remind everyone that if you stick together, you can make changes in the situation.  If tenants blame each other, they will accomplish very little.  

Learn about your rights and how to organized from this page.  At the top left is a list of Issues on the button bar.  Click on the issue of interest to you.  Once you feel you know enough, begin your tenant organizing efforts.  Be sure to keep in contact with NJTO for help and support.  NJTO needs funds to continue helping tenants.  Once you pay the dues and join, we can give you additional help.  

Remember, tenants gain strength by standing together.
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This page was last updated: February 14, 2021
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