We are desperate for money.  Please help us pay by sending the largest contribution you can afford.  NJTO must pay for doing mailings, maintaining a web site and other costs.  Our volunteer organization is completely dependent on contributions from supporters like you.  Because of that, we owe our allegiance only to you, not to some big government or corporate agency.  If we don’t get a big infusion of funds, we will likely have to shut our doors.   

For the last 42 years, NJTO has been the voice of tenants in New Jersey.  Keep our voice alive.  Please use the form below to make your donation.  You may print it out on your printer and send via regular mail with your check included.



Phone:  Day ______________________  Evening ______________________________

Address __________________________________________________ Apt. # ________  

email ______________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________ Zip Code __________

_______      Enclosed is: $25.00Annual dues in NJTO

_______Contribution to keep the doors open

_______Total enclosed

Please mail your check to: NJTO, 96 Linwood Plaza #233
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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Defend Tenants Rights!

Send your check to:

96 Linwood Plaza #233
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

If you have any questions:
email NJTO at  info@njto.org

Print this page and send it with your check.